C Bowl Bottle GW - 19

C Bowl Bottle GW - 19 is easy to use and clean.
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C Bowl Bottle GW - 19 is easy to use and clean.


  • 【2-in-1 System】: Double pet bowl with an automatic water dispenser, it will automatically refill water into the bowl and help you to eat. keep the water filled and clean, whether you are home or not, the best choice for your pets;
  • 【High Quality】: Double set of pet bowls. water and to food Made of high quality stainless steel and plastic, safe and environmentally friendly; light weight, solid structure, not breakable. to pets such as kittens and puppies;
  • 【Automatic Water Refill】: Cat bowl designed with siphon principle, it can stably control water level. water and realize automatic water supply. The capacity of the water bottle is 500ml and enough for drinking 3-5 days, besides, the capacity scale mark, you can clearly observe the pet's drinking water;
  • 【Easy to use. clean】: The cushion contains three bowls. In addition, the toilet bowl Slow dog food can separate from the main bowl for health. animals. We suggest washing the bowl after two days;
  • 【Keep pets healthy】: Special design double bowl set, reasonable bowl height to reduce the pressure on the pet. cat's neck, arthritis or back, the best feeding position and comfortable feeding height promotes health. digestion and make mealtimes more comfortable for your pets with arthritis.
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