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Ferplast Carrier Atlas 10

Ferplast Carrier Atlas 10 is the most basic version of our pet carriers for cats and small dogs and has multiple functions. Atlas EL is easy to carry with you, thanks to its fixed handle, and is ideal for traveling with your pets on the most common means of transport (car, train, ship, aircraft).
Rs 2100

Ferplast Carrier Aladino Large

Ferplast Carrier Aladino Large is a transparent plastic cover to allow the pet to be under control.
Rs 1850

Ferplast Carrier Aladino Small

Ferplast Carrier Aladino Small can be used in a safe way to transport small animals.
Rs 675

Ferplast Carrier Jet 20

Ferplast Carrier Jet 20 is Made of sturdy, anti-scratch plastic, this practical & lightweight carrier for cats & small dogs comes in an innovative design with colored hooks & handles.
Rs 2300

Ferplast Carrier Atlas 5

Ferplast Carrier Atlas 5 allows you to take your animal friends with you on short trips, ensuring comfortable and safe journeys. Made of sturdy plastic, the pet carrier is made up of two parts firmly joined to each other by means of the special coupling system, given by a snap clip on the back and by two hooks on the front. It is complete with a plastic-coated steel door with a safety closing clip.
Rs 1600

Trixie Carrier Elisa - 20x26x41cm

Trixie Carrier Elisa - 20x26x41cm can be opened at the front and top.
Rs 2300