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Pet-O-Cal Supplement - 200ml

It's a delicious food supplement.
Rs 200

Pet-O-Vitab - 60Tablets

Supplement for cats and dogs with required nutrients.
Rs 500

FERRIMIN A Feed Supplement - 200ml

Iron-rich liquid dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals for all categories of dogs and cats.
Rs 300

PLATOGrow Enhancer - 200ml

Platogrow platelet boosting pet syrup 200ml for dogs and cats.
Rs 450

Pet-O-Coat Supplement - 200ml

Pet-O-Coat Syrup is a nutritional supplement for dogs. It helps correct skin & coat conditions like dull coat, flaky skin, excess shedding & scratching.
Rs 550

PET-O-CAL - 60Tablets

PET-O-CAL contains DHA with essential minerals, vitamins & omega fatty acids.
Rs 450