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Lickable Cat Treats - Mussel - 4 x 15gm

Gnawlers Smooth Creamy Treat with Mussels is a tasty wet treat for your adult cat of any breed. It contains Mussels that are full of flavors and have highly digestible protein. It contains green tea extract which improves the digestive system. Gnawlers Smooth Creamy Treat with Mussels contains Taurine which improves eyesight. It contains fatty acids like Omega 6, improving the skin and fur coat.
Rs 250

Simba Monge - Original Italian Quality - 100gm

Highly nutritious in the diet for pets of more than 1 year of age.
Rs 100

Lider Reflex Plus+ - Lamb - 100gm

Reflex plus wet food for cats with lamb 100 gm jelly.
Rs 130

Bacderm Powder - 50gm

For the treatment of myiasis & prevention of fly strikes.
Rs 250

Ketoconazole & Coaltar Solution - 200ml

An effective antifungal, Anti-septic, and Cleaning Shampoo to treat stubborn Dandruff & serious scalp conditions.
Rs 650

Pet-O-Vate Lotion - 100ml

Clobetasol, clotrimazole, and neomycin are a combination of three drugs, used to treat fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. such as dermatitis, eczema, etc.
Rs 350

Zotek-P Ear Drops - 15ml

ZOTEK-P is an ideal choice for the treatment of Otitis Externa, associated with bacteria or fungi or both.
Rs 150

Fiprotic Spray for Fleas & Ticks - 100ml

The Fiprotec Spray of Beaphar is suitable for treating dogs and cats. Also, puppies and kittens from the age of two days can be treated with this product. This spray is applied over the coat and works against fleas, ticks, and biting lice. After treatment dogs are protected against fleas for three months and cats for two months. The protection against ticks in both species is up to one month. The active substance in this medicine is Fipronil.
Rs 650

Pet-O-Cal Supplement - 200ml

It's a delicious food supplement.
Rs 200