Cheestick Dog Chew - 150gm (1x150gm)

Cheestick Dog Chew is a natural and organic dog chew made from Yak and Cow milk in the Himalayas of Nepal.
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CHEESTICK Dog Chew is a trademark-certified veterinarian-recommended brand manufactured by Zephyr International. At an altitude above 5900 meters, the Himalayan ranges of Nepal surrounding Mt. Everest is a natural habitat for a special breed of cow popularly known as Yak. Yaks, throughout their life cycle gaze upon the medicinal herbs present at that altitude, hence Yak's milk is very nutritious. An ancient recipe passed down through generations of Himalayan farmers uses traditional cheese-making techniques to mix the yak's milk with Himalayan rock salt and lime in a favorable natural environment to make smoked and bar-shaped rock-hard cheese. This rock-hard tasty cheese is now available for your lovable dogs in the form of a dog chew.


- It is 100 % natural with no added preservatives;

- Chewing it during the teething phase helps the dog to calm down;

- It can be given as a dental stick to keep the dog's teeth healthy, clean & strong;

- It is super hard & long-lasting;

- It is delicious & suits perfectly the dog's taste buds and appetite;

- It keeps the dog busy and happy which is a pleasant sight for the owners.


Tear the packet and treat your dog with the CHEESTICK Dog Chew. It will be hard initially, and as the dog chews, it gradually becomes softer. After it becomes small, it can be microwaved for 40 to 45 seconds to make it crunchy and avoid choking. Dogs can be treated with the CHEESTICK Dog Chew after 12 weeks.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein Min       57.6 %

Crude Fat Min              1 %

Crude Fiber Max           0.0 %

Moisture Max               14.5 %

Ash Max                        6.6 %

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