Deodorizers, Powders & Colognes

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Bacderm Powder - 50gm

For the treatment of myiasis & prevention of fly strikes.
Rs 250

Pet-O-Vate Lotion - 100ml

Clobetasol, clotrimazole, and neomycin are a combination of three drugs, used to treat fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. such as dermatitis, eczema, etc.
Rs 350

K9 Bact Powder with Deodorant - 100gm

K9 Bact is indicated as an antifungal powder and soothing agent.
Rs 250

All4pets Bath Replacement Spray - 200ml

All4pets Bath Replacement Spray is waterless shampoo & dry bath for pets.
Rs 650

TIKFITE Powder - 100gm

TIKFITE Powder is a fleas & tick removal powder.
Rs 250

Sleeky Dog Odor Eliminating Spray - 500ml

Sleeky Dog Odor Eliminating Spray - 500ml.
Rs 735

Sleeky Dog Tick & Flea Killer Spray - 200ml

Sleeky Dog Tick & Flea Killer Spray - 200ml can be sprayed to prevent and get rid of fleas and ticks on dogs, beds, cages, or areas where dogs live.
Rs 660

Trixie Dry Shampoo - 100gm

Trixie Dry Shampoo - 100gm is a powder that is an alternative to bathing your pets in the water.
Rs 350

Bearing BackOff Spray - 250ml

Bearing BackOff Spray - 250ml indoor and outdoor spray for dogs and cats.
Rs 900