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Good Boy Stick - Chicken - 250gm

GOODBOY Dog Sticks are made with carefully selected and safe ingredients that are absolutely healthy and safe.
Rs 600

Pet En Care Pressed Bone - High in Protein

With no artificial flavorings, preservatives or colorings, Pressed Bones are a delicious, natural treat between meals.
Rs 450

Gnawlers Digest More - 125gm

Gnawlers Digest More Plus Prebiotics Dental Choo Bone for Dogs.
Rs 1200

Gnawlers Yaowo Rawhide - Chicken - 220gm

It helps in maintaining strong bones and muscles, improves digestion problems and cleans teeth.
Rs 600

Korn Pet Treat - Chicken - 250gm

Korn Pet Super Premium Pet Treat from Thailand.
Rs 600

Dent Defense Anti-Bacterial - 525gm

Gnawlers Dent Defense Anti Bacterial is made from real chicken meat.
Rs 1200