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Bacderm Powder - 50gm

For the treatment of myiasis & prevention of fly strikes.
Rs 250

Pet-O-Vate Lotion - 100ml

Clobetasol, clotrimazole, and neomycin are a combination of three drugs, used to treat fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. such as dermatitis, eczema, etc.
Rs 350

Zotek-P Ear Drops - 15ml

ZOTEK-P is an ideal choice for the treatment of Otitis Externa, associated with bacteria or fungi or both.
Rs 150

Pet-O-Cal Supplement - 200ml

It's a delicious food supplement.
Rs 200

Cort-Ear Cleanser Drops - 15ml

Cort-Ear is an alcohol-free ear cleaning solution to maintain the hygiene of ears in dogs & cats.
Rs 350

Mini Green Mint Shampoo - 200ml

Mint green mint shampoo is a perfect natural shampoo for dogs and cats.
Rs 550

Peto VIT Syrup with DHA - 200ml

Peto Vit Syrup with DHA for dogs And cats.
Rs 250

Pet-O-LIV - 200ml

Liver tonic for pets is beneficial for liver protection, stimulation, and correction.
Rs 350

Imun-O-Pet - 200ml

The Imun-O-Pet Immunity Supplement is a Vaccination principle for better immune action.
Rs 300