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Ferplast 5929 Brush Small

Ferplast 5929 Brush Small is for grooming all short, medium, or long-haired animals, the GRO 5929 and GRO 5931 brushes for dogs and cats have solid plastic teeth with rounded tips and are particularly delicate on your friend's skin.
Rs 525

Ferplast 5985 Claw Cutter

Ferplast 5985 Claw Cutter is for taking care of your dog's paws are crucial for his health and for allowing him to walk properly. Trimming your dog's nails will be a breeze with these guillotine nail clippers.
Rs 625

Ferplast 5878 Comb Rotating

Ferplast 5878 Comb Rotating GRO 5878 is a comb for dogs and cats with rotating teeth that make it easy to gently remove knots and dead hair from your dog's coat. Thanks to its rounded teeth, it is very gentle on your furry friend's skin and is the ideal product to use on cats and dogs with medium and long hair.
Rs 625

Ferplast 5860 Steel Comb

Ferplast 5860 Steel Comb is a comb for dogs and cats that has a plastic handle and is the ideal product for grooming medium and long-haired animals. It features teeth with rounded ends that will not irritate your furry friend’s skin. Inside the range of grooming products for dogs and cats by Ferplast, you will find many items which will allow you to take care of your four-legged friend’s coat: combs, brushes, slicker brushes, scissors, nail cutters, and bathing products.
Rs 625

Ferplast 5931 Brush - M

Ferplast 5931 Brush - M is ideal for For grooming your pet with short, medium, or long hair.
Rs 625

Ferplast 5926 Pin Brush

Ferplast 5926 Pin Brush is a small double-sided small brush.
Rs 625