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Ferplast Aquarium Capri Basic

Ferplast Aquarium Capri Basic includes small plastic tanks complete with internal filter Blucompact 01 and fluorescent lamp Compact Lamp 15 W.
Rs 3575

Tetra Bits Complete - 93gm

Tetra Bits Complete - 93gm is fish food.
Rs 1350

Blood Parrot Food - 300gm

Blood Parrot Food - 300gm is best for fish.
Rs 700

Asean Mas Japan Fish Food - 500gm

Asean Mas Japan Fish Food - 500gm maintain overall health.
Rs 650

Koiking Growth Koi Feed - 454gm

Koiking Growth Koi Feed - 454gm is a complete nutritional basic diet.
Rs 650

Huimei - 100gm

Huimei - 100gm promotes growth of fish.
Rs 230

Fancy Guppy - 22gm

Fancy Guppy - 22gm originally the world’s smallest fish food pellet.
Rs 900

Sinking Chichild Excel - 100gm

Sinking Chichild Excel - 100gm contains pure-cultured spirulina.
Rs 1150

Chichild Bio-Gold - 57gm

Chichild Bio-Gold - 57gm ccelerated growth potential.
Rs 1100