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Lickable Cat Treats - Mussel - 4 x 15gm

Gnawlers Smooth Creamy Treat with Mussels is a tasty wet treat for your adult cat of any breed. It contains Mussels that are full of flavors and have highly digestible protein. It contains green tea extract which improves the digestive system. Gnawlers Smooth Creamy Treat with Mussels contains Taurine which improves eyesight. It contains fatty acids like Omega 6, improving the skin and fur coat.
Rs 250

Gnawlers Calcium Milk Bone - 270gm

An edible and tasty treat to freshen your pet's breath and clean their teeth.
Rs 550

Gnawlers Digest More - 125gm

Gnawlers Digest More Plus Prebiotics Dental Choo Bone for Dogs.
Rs 1200

Gnawlers Yaowo Rawhide - Chicken - 220gm

It helps in maintaining strong bones and muscles, improves digestion problems and cleans teeth.
Rs 600

Dent Defense Anti-Bacterial - 525gm

Gnawlers Dent Defense Anti Bacterial is made from real chicken meat.
Rs 1200