Goodies Energy Treat Stick Shape - 125gm

GOODIES - GOOD FOR YOUR PET with many benefits for your pets especially dogs and cats, we are sure that your pets will get healthier. GOODIES Pet Treats have many varieties to choose from for all breeds and ages of your pets. It is not just any pet treat but it is GOODIES Pet Treats. GOODIES Pet Treats are focusing on doing Research & Development under International standards and good governance resulting in the trustworthy pet treat manufacturers all over the world’s pet customers for over 50 years. The brand is famous and well-accepted in countries like the USA, Japan, EU Countries, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Manufacturer: Goodies
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It is made from vegetable protein which a perfect to dog allergic to meat. It is suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs. Within quality ingredients, its texture can be flexible and fun to chew by your dog.

Goodies energy treats are not only facilitated the oral cleaning process naturally but also added supplements such as Chlorophyll, calcium, Bromelain Enzyme, and fructose-oligosaccharide to ensure your dogs have a good healthy life.

Ingredients: tapioca starch, wheat product, glycerin, jasmine rice, flavoring, and mineral (Green-Chlorophyll, Brown-liver flavor, white-milk flavor, Red-Lamb-Flavor, palm oil, calcium Carbonate, powdered cellulose, sodium propionate, food-grade coloring, Bromelain.

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