Goodies Dental Bar Chicken - 85gm (1Pc)

Goodies Long-Lasting Dental Bar Chicken Flavor (85gm - Large - 1Pc).
Manufacturer: Goodies
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Rs 280
  • Long-lasting natural chew for healthy teeth & gum;
  • Suitable for medium & large size dogs;
  • No added grain, corn, or soy;
  • Low Fat;
  • Made with chicken;
  • Its texture & shape are designed to brush teeth and help reduce plaque and tartar from the natural abrasive action of chewing. 

Ingredients:- Tapioca starch, Vegetable glycerin, Dried chicken, Pineapple Fiber, Sunflower oil, Calcium carbonate, Bromelain, Titanium dioxide.

Medium size contains 2 pcs while Large pack contains 1 pc.

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Weights 85 gm
Flavors Chicken
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