Hair & Nails Clippers

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Codos Professional Pet Hair Cutter

Codos CP6800 professional rechargeable pet trimmer dog hair clippers sharp edge haircut ceramic blade teddy shaver.
Rs 0

Nail Cutter with Filler - L

Nail Cutter with Filler - L helps to trim dog and cat nails.
Rs 480

Trixie Thinning Scissor

Thinning Scissor is made from stainless steel blades and a fine cutting edge to snip through the thickest fur and the toughest tangles.
Rs 550

Trixie Scissor Face Paw Steel - 8cm

Trixie Face & Paw Scissors 8cm is for dogs, cats, and small animals. It comes with rounded tips to prevent injury.
Rs 350

Ferplast 5985 Claw Cutter

Ferplast 5985 Claw Cutter is for taking care of your dog's paws are crucial for his health and for allowing him to walk properly. Trimming your dog's nails will be a breeze with these guillotine nail clippers.
Rs 625

Ferplast 5987 Claw Cutter

Ferplast 5987 Claw Cutter will make the process of trimming nails quick and easy. Equipped with a protective mechanism against accidental opening.
Rs 850

Ferplast 5984 Claw Clipper

Ferplast 5984 Claw Clipper is a nail clipper for cats and dogs that allows you to easily take care of your furry friend's paws. Caution: before cutting your pet's claws, we recommend that you first ask a vet to show you how.
Rs 450

Trixie Scissor Steel - 16cm

Trixie Scissor Steel - 16cm is for shortening the fur length.
Rs 475

Trixie Wipes Universal - 30Pcs

Trixie Wipes Universal - 30Pcs for Dogs Cats and Other Small Animals comes with natural formula on these specialized pet wipes that gently removes dirt, and discharge and reduce dirt found on the body to help prevent irritation that can cause infection.
Rs 500