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Premium Mito Adult Cat Food - 1kg

Premium Mito Adult Cat Food (Chicken - 1kg) is formulated with high nutritional value to provide excellent health conditions for adult cats of all breeds. Mito Adult Cat Food also contains a high level of taurin for the healthy nervous system.
Rs 475

Premium Mito Mix Adult Cat Food - 1kg

Integrated with fine meat pieces, Premium Mito Mix Adult Cat Food (Mix Flavor - 1kg) is a complete and nutritional diet for adult cats. It is made from real chicken/fish meat pieces and available in a variety of delicious flavors. It is a perfect feline snack enriched with salmon and trout in gravy form.
Rs 475

Cat Mito Adult - 1kg

Cat Mito Adult - 1kg focuses sensitively on balancing the pH and mineral content of the foods in order to reduce the risk of problems with the urinary system, such as urinary stones and crystals
Rs 450

Cat Mito Adult (Chicken) - 15kgs

Mito adult cat food is a professional pet food formulated by nutritionists and is produced by extruded technology to maximize its quality. This process ensures that your cat obtains all the nutrients that it needs day to day. Mito adult cat food contains carefully selected ingredients, with an optimum balance of nutritional value, and particular attention has been paid to ingredients that support renal health and optimal digestion.
Rs 5550