Pet Hostel (Available Soon)

Are you going to be away from home and need a place to keep your pets? Most owners first think of pet boarding facilities that allow you to entrust your four-legged friends to a professional facility. However, this solution also carries a certain cost. But what if we told you there was a free alternative that's just as reliable? Learn more about house sitting!

A WE FOR PETS pet boarding facility welcomes your pet in safety and comfort while you're away. There are various types of accommodations available, depending on your pet's personality. Individual or group areas, small enclosures, or even luxury suites, the goal is to make your furry friend feel at home. Pet boarding professionals are trained to ensure the well-being and safety of pets. During their stay, the happiness and health of your pet become the priority of its caretakers.

WE FOR PETS boarding facilities for dogs, cats, and other pets offer certain advantages:

Socialization with animals and humans: If your dog or cat enjoys being around other animals and people, most facilities offer cage-free daycare options during the day to enhance the pet's well-being by cultivating social interactions.

Opportunities for exercise: A boarding facility may offer open spaces for your pets to interact with other animals during daily playtime, but they can also have privacy and quiet time in individual enclosures.

A professional and supervised environment: No one can enter the property except staff and owners. Your pet can rest comfortably and relax. The team is also trained and equipped to handle the specific needs of each pet.

A set routine: Our boarding facilities maintain the same routine (feeding, cleaning, sleeping, and going outside) each day to keep the environment healthy and familiar.

Food and medication monitoring: During their stay, your dog or cat will receive adequate nutrition on a regular schedule according to their dietary needs.