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Trixie Lint Roller Brush

Lint Roller Brush is perfect for removing pet hair, lint, or dust on any furniture or clothing.
Rs 450

Trixie Tick Away Tweezer - 6.5cm

Tick Away Tweezer - 6.5cm is excellent for assisting with the removal of ticks from your pet. It prevents dangerous disease transmission and the tick cannot vomit because of the strangling loop. The tick’s head is removed, reducing the probability of infection and no risk of tearing out the coat or pinching the skin.
Rs 200

Trixie Flea and Dust Comb

Trixie Flea and Dust Comb are for the discovery of fleas and lice, with rounded teeth for gentle coat care. Has a plastic handle with a non-slip rubber grip.
Rs 150

Trixie Thinning Scissor

Thinning Scissor is made from stainless steel blades and a fine cutting edge to snip through the thickest fur and the toughest tangles.
Rs 550

Trixie Scissor Face Paw Steel - 8cm

Trixie Face & Paw Scissors 8cm is for dogs, cats, and small animals. It comes with rounded tips to prevent injury.
Rs 350

Trixie Soft Plastic Brush

A fantastic soft brush for your pet cat or dog. High quality and suitable for various types of fur - with both nylon bristles and metal bristles for added gentle care whatever the condition of the hair. Suitable for curly-haired, wire-haired, long-haired, and short-haired breeds.
Rs 450

Trixie Lint Brush Double Sided

Lint Brush Double Sided removes lint, lint, hair, and much more. It is suitable for almost all textiles and is ideal for pet owners.
Rs 350

Trixie Brush Upholstery Textile

The TRIXIE Textile Brush is an ergonomic fluff brush for removing animal hair and dust from upholstery and textiles. The brush has a special brush shape that makes it easy to get rid of animal hair and fluff from upholstery and furniture. Due to the ergonomic shape, the brush fits comfortably in the hand. After use, the brush is easy to rinse under water.
Rs 450

Trixie Fur Detangler

Fur Detangler is an effective brush for detangling and thinning.
Rs 650