Vet Consultation & Services

At WE FOR PETS, we prioritize Pet Owners' love for their fur Kids. Pets are family members, therefore, they deserve care and nurture just like any other human family member. A healthy pet is a happy pet.

A little guidance and advice can go a long way in helping pet parents care for their fur kid’s health. That is why at We for Pets, our Vet Consultants are always available via call or message to provide their extensive knowledge of pet care. If the case demands we can coordinate and opt for a home visit for door-to-door consultation. We also offer regular vaccinations at home, keeping the process easy for the owner(s) and their pet(s). Through this service, we hope to empower pet owners to take charge of their pet’s health and wellness.

Our friendly consultants are able to share holistic, professional advice through their combined expertise, skills, and experiences, in order to help pet parents maintain their pet’s optimum health.

Our consultants are:

  • Veterinary trained & certified professionals;
  • Experienced in pet care and small animals;
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled.