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Ferplast Cage Giusy

Ferplast Cage Giusy is a basic, practical birdcage with a sturdy plastic base and wire mesh structure that has been varnished white. It is ideal for canaries or small exotic birds, it is comfortable and equipped with all the accessories your feathered friend will need, including a plastic drinking bottle and perches, innovative Brava 1 swivel feeders, making it extremely easy to feed your birds from outside the cage. This birdcage is also easy to look after and will always be clean and tidy, thanks to its removable dirt-collecting tray.
Rs 3300

Ferplast Cage Regina

Ferplast Cage Regina is a small, elegant, round cage for canaries, exotic birds, and other small birds. It is also available in a brass-coated version and can be placed on or hooked to one of our plastic stands. The base has two small plastic trays that make daily cleaning effortless. Like all Ferplast birdcages, Regina comes complete with accessories, including a swing and a mirror toy with a little bell, plastic perches, a drinking bottle, a food clip, a feeder for mash, and Brava 1 swivel feeders.
Rs 3700

Ferplast Cage Pagoda

Ferplast Cage Pagoda is a small birdcage, ideal for canaries, exotic birds, and other birds. It features an unusually shaped roof that has multiple levels, providing a large space and more freedom of flight for your birds. The plastic base also has an original shape, resembling steps, and it comes complete with a removable dirt-collecting tray to enable cleaning.
Rs 5950

Ferplast Cage Luna 2 Brass

Ferplast Cage Luna 2 Brass is a small cage with a rectangular base, ideal for birds like canaries or small exotic birds. The habitat has a nice retrĂ² charm given by the special wire mesh finish: the metallic effect similar to brass gives the products a nice antique look that conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication.
Rs 5950