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WE FOR PETS - Because It's Family is a thoughtfully researched and developed e-commerce platform dedicated to offering the best pet products and services to pet lovers of Nepal for their pets. At WE FOR PETS, our dedicated team is passionate about bringing the best pet products and services to your doorstep to make owning a pet more fun and enjoyable activity. Our tagline “Because It’s Family” is the main motto that our professional operations and online services are based upon. We put in a lot of dedication and effort in understanding the passion and love of pet owners for their beloved pets and vice versa.

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Pets can provide much-needed stress relief from a busy lifestyle, emotional satisfaction, physical exercise, and a playful atmosphere. Research shows, it even improves the involved person’s cardiovascular health. As for kids, caring for an animal can help them grow up into emphatic, secure, and active adults. Pets also provide valuable companionship for older adults.

However, owning a pet is a serious commitment. It is more than a weekend hobby. Taking care of pets requires continued dedication in terms of feeding, medications, habitat, exercise, and its psychology. However, a genuine pet lover would know that the responsibilities that come along are all worth the unconditional love and bonding that pets share with you. The special memories created last lifelong.

Whether for an active or a longing pet owner, today’s busy lifestyle could be a big challenge for owning a pet. Therefore, at We For Pets, we extend our professional expertise to deliver all the essentials for pets to make sure owning a pet is fun and hassle-free. We commit to saving you time from the logistics of owning a pet by bringing the best pet products and services to your doorsteps.

Pet owners can remember us for the following:

  • Quality pet products;
  • Best pricing;
  • Wide Variety of options;
  • Door-to-door vet consultation & services;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Pet grooming;
  • Top quality pet breeds;
  • Pet Adoption;
  • Family-like environment;
  • Quick response to feedback.

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